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Solar Energy for Your Home or Community! FIC & Sungevity

Posted on September 8, 2014 by

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FIC has partnered with Sungevity to make this offer
Would You Switch To Solar If It Were Easy?
Christopher Kindig, FIC Business Manager

Would You Switch To Solar Electricity If It Were Easy?

The sun pours enough energy on the earth in just one day to power the entire population of the earth for 27 years!

Wouldn’t it be nice to harness some of that golden abundance?

Common concerns of going solar are that it has been difficult and costly to find out and plan what you need, to install the system, and to maintain it. If only there was a way to skip over these concerns…

Lighting The Way To Solar Power

The Foundation for Intentional Community has partnered with Sungevity to offer a unique solution to these problems. You can now go solar in a simple new way!

First, a representative from Sungevity will visit to provide a free consultation to determine how well solar may work for your home or community. They can answer any questions, concerns, or curiosities that you may have.

Next, if the potential for solar electricity on your site is strong and you are interested in proceeding, they can install an entire system, including monitoring equipment, completely for free. There is no down payment or upfront purchase of any kind, and there is no installation or other fees to worry about.

Then instead of paying the conventional energy company every month, you pay Sungevity at a lower rate for the solar energy your system produces. The rate is locked in, so as dirty electricity prices rise, your clean solar electricity rate will stay the same!

Consultations are completely free, and you can read more and sign up to schedule one here:

Currently Sungevity services are available in: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NM, NY & VT.

Furthering Solar Energy While Supporting Non-Profits

Sungevity has partnered with non-profits all over the country to donate tens of thousands of dollars to worthy causes, all by turning people on to solar energy.

If you decide to go solar through this program, Sungevity will donate $750 to FIC! In addition to that, by going through this link you will also receive your first $750 of solar electricity for free:

If you have any questions at all about this program or our partnership, please feel free to email me at office at ic dot org, or follow this link to read more and to sign up for a consultation:

Thank you for your interest in clean energy, and for your support of FIC!

Have a wonderful day!

Christopher Kindig
Business Manager, FIC

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