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Shop at Amazon? Please Smile When You Do

Posted on November 4, 2014 by

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If You Shop with Amazon
Please Smile When You Do

Laird Schaub, FIC Execuive Secretary

Amazon Smile & The FICWHEN YOU SHOP at Amazon
SUPPORT the FIC through the Amazon Smile Program

As part of our commitment to sustainable living, FIC advocates being a conscientious consumer.

Thus, if you pause and take a breath, there will be times when you realize that you can do without that left-handed smoke bender you just saw advertised on TV. There will also be times when it makes better sense to share than to own (like borrowing a copy of the Phantom Menace from your neighbor’s DVD collection). In addition, we support bartering and buying from local folks and businesses as much as possible.

Nonetheless, we all still buy things,  and in today’s busy world there will be times when it’s more sensible to buy it on the internet than to get in your car and hunt for it locally.

With this in mind, FIC has registered with the Amazon Smile program as a qualified nonprofit, which means you now have the option to direct 0.5% of your Amazon purchase to the FIC.

Doing this will not increase what you pay and will cost you nothing more than the few seconds it takes to register your support for FIC.

To select FIC as your nonprofit of choice, go to this page and sign into your Amazon account. That’s all there is to it! 🙂

You can bookmark that link, or Amazon may remind you of the option when you return to shop. As long as you start from that page, you’ll be helping out FIC. You can read more about the Amazon Smile program here.

How much will this help? If only 10% of our 70,000 newsletter subscribers decided to participate, and they each buy an average of $300 annually through Amazon, that would result in over $10,000 in annual donations to FIC.

That’s enough to make everyone smile.

PS―If you would like to support FIC in other ways, please subscribe to Communities magazine, become a Member of FIC, or donate today!

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