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Schedule Posted for Ecovillage Pathways

Posted on May 28, 2018 by
The schedule for Ecovillage Pathways in just a few weeks is OUT! Go check out what’s coming up in this transformational event co-sponsored by the FIC at http://www.nextgenna.org/2018ecovillagepathways.html
Ecovillage Pathways is a gathering of diverse ages exploring the emergent future of thriving community. We join those who have been living and learning for decades with those inheriting new leadership in reflection, inspiration, and celebration. Together, we harvest and sow essential wisdom needed to live on this planet peacefully.
We are converging at La Cité Ecologique Ecovillage’s second location opened in New Hampshire in 2003. First founded in 1984 in Québec, La Cité’s members have grappled for generations with challenging questions of succession and sustainability. Their answers are seen in the successful design of culture, community, commerce, and education.
Over 3 days and nights, we will explore together how to design systems that will flourish in perpetuity. Bring your curiosity and compassion at this highly unique location to learn from the wisdom of each other, La Cité, and the genius of nature.
Please come and experience this inspiring event and enjoy the wonderful community of La Cite Colebrook June 14th to 17th in New Hampshire.

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