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re: because I’m happy…

Posted on June 13, 2017 by

Because I’m Happy!
Ma’ikwe Ludwig, for the whole FIC team

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In case you missed my last message and want to know more about how we are using your donations, here’s my message from a couple weeks ago.

News Flash!
Researchers confirm that community is a happier, more meaningful way to live!

Well, that’s not actually news to those of us who live in community, but it is news―important news―for the rest of the world, which is very much in need of all of the above.

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Here’s the good news for all of us: an international study just published in the journal Social Indicators Research shows that, of all the surveyed groups, the people with the highest level of life meaning were women living in intentional communities, followed closely by men living in community.
A second study focused on happiness, and the results were similar―people living in community consistently report being significantly happier than their non-communal counterparts.


Kids in Twin Oaks Hammock
Happiness starts young in community.
Some of the kids of Twin Oaks Community.

And here’s a little known fact about this study: FIC was a partner in making this, and other, studies happen, connecting communities to professional researchers, and bringing deeper legitimacy to the movement we all love. (In fact, some of you participated in this study!)

In addition to our many exciting new initiatives (like new books and a speaking tour!) we are also working on:

  • Creating a new press packet (helping insure the sensationalist, stereotype-ridden articles like this get published a lot less, and great articles like this one
    which features our Executive Director Sky Blue, get published a lot more).
  • Making more improvements to our website especially geared toward making research like this on the movement easier.
  • Developing a more robust resource and consultants list to help community be an even happier place to live, because you can never have too much happy.

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