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May Blogs: Upcoming Conferences, LGBT Cohousing, Community Networks, & More

Posted on May 24, 2016 by
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May FIC Blog Posts
Upcoming Conferences, LGBT Cohousing, Community Networks, and More

Hello from Saul, the new FIC Social Media Manager!

As May comes to an end, here’s a round-up of the latest blog posts and announcements from this month. There are several events coming up that you may be interested in! We try to post as many activities on the blog as we can, and to spread the word on social media. You can follow our Facebook page and Twitter feed for the latest updates that won’t fit in the newsletter.

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How These Collaborative Networks Foster Inter-Community ConnectionHow These Collaborative Networks Foster Inter-Community Connection

As interest in community living grows, it’s important that we make it easy for people to get involved with their local co-ops and coliving spaces. For many people, community dinners, art and music nights, and overnight stays are the ideal way to explore whether coliving is right for them. The Grapevine Network in Portland, OR and the Embassy Network in the Bay Area are making it easier for locals and visitors alike to tap into nearby ICs.
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OuiShare Pushes for A Fairer Sharing EconomyOuiShare Pushes for A Fairer Sharing Economy

For years, OuiShare has been one of the leading voices on the sharing economy in Europe, and has helped put the concept of collaborative consumption on the map. This year, it’s hosting a series of events, including the annual OuiShare Fest in Paris, and additional gatherings in Lille, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, and Montreal. The theme is “After the Gold Rush,” and asks whether we can push back against some of the corporate players in the peer-to-peer economy.

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Midwest Sustainable Communities Conference July 2-4 at Dancing RabbitMidwest Sustainable Communities Conference July 2-4 at Dancing Rabbit

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage has announced the dates and workshop lineup for the Midwest Sustainable Communities Conference, which will take place in Rutledge, MO, from July 2-4, 2016. The event will celebrate “Interdependence Day” and offer a variety of ways for people to get more involved in intentional living. Some of the workshops to be offered this year include “Holistic Animal Management,” “Climate Egalitarianism,” and “Simple Off-grid

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European Projects Explore Cohousing for LGBT EldersEuropean Projects Explore Cohousing for LGBT Elders

A U.K. group called Tonic Housing has been exploring ways to offer safe, affordable housing to older members of the LGBT community. The organization was partially inspired by Lebensort Vielfalt (Diverse Living Space), an already-existing LGBT cohousing community in Berlin. A similar project, called the December 26 Foundation, recently launched in Madrid..

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SimpleREV Brings Minimalism and Intentional Living to the Twin CitiesSimpleREV Brings Minimalism and Intentional Living to the Twin Cities

SimpleREV returns September 16-17 for two days of workshops and activities on the University of Minnesota campus. One of the highlights of the event is an “Offers and Needs Market,” which helps match up people who have a skill to share with other participants in need of some help. In addition to the annual event, the group also organizes free, local gatherings connecting simple-living enthusiasts from all over the world.

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