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March Blogs: Thrive on 10%, A Cabin of Windows, …

Posted on March 23, 2015 by

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Thrive on 10%, A Cabin of Windows, & Free Land on an Island!?

Hello again from Christopher Kindig, FIC Business Manager!

Spring is finally here! Shake off those chilly winds, and make way for brighter and longer days!

How about a moment to relax? Enjoy March’s most popular blog posts. These are from the Intentional Community Blog, which can also be followed on FIC’s Facebook and Twitter.

If you run into something that you would like to see shared on the blog or on FB, just email it to [email protected].

Thanks for your interest in cooperative culture. Take good care of each other out there!

How to Thrive on 10% How to Thrive on 10%

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is committed to both sustainability and creating a fun place to live. The results of their efforts is an inspiring 90% reduction in pollution and resource use compared to the average American.

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Kindista helps you share with people nearbyKindista helps you share with people nearby

Have some furniture, skills, or hobbies you’re looking to share? Or are you looking for these from someone else? Trade goods and materials and develop local connections through Kindista.org.

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Smart Couple Builds Cabin of Windows for $500 Smart Couple Builds Cabin of Windows for $500

Wouldn’t it be cool if a house had a wall of windows, so it couldn’t confine the sunset to just one little space? One crafty couple mused this on their first date, and 1 year later built their dreamy retreat spot.

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Free Land on a Tropical Island?Free Land on a Tropical Island?

A small remote paradise-like island in the south Pacific is giving away land for free to people who want to settle there. Could it make a good Ecovillage location?

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Southern Exposure Seed CooperativeSouthern Exposure Seed Cooperative

Acorn Community Farm is an egalitarian, secular, anarchist community that was recently featured in the Washington Post about their cooperatively owned and operated business, Southern Exposure Seeds.

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UN Report says Organic Farming is KeyUN Report says Organic Farming is Key

In a new report, with the dramatic title, ‘Wake up Before it’s too Late’, the United Nations is once against sounding the alarm about the urgent need to develop a more sustainable, natural and organic food system.

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Which stage is your tribe?Which stage is your tribe?

It turns out that the way people speak to each other in working and social groups tells a lot about their stage of cultural development. By learning about our tribal tendencies we can help to lead each other to better.

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