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Learning from the Past — Communities magazine fall issue

Posted on September 8, 2017 by
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Communities Magazine — Fall 2017
Learning from the Past
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Economics In Cooperative Culture - Communities Magazine Cover - Fall #176

Learning from the Past—Issue #176

Our new Communities issue on Learning from the Past was mailed to subscribers on September 1. You can subscribe now or order a sample and we’ll ship you a copy today!

Our Fall issue, sponsored in part by the Communal Studies Association, focuses on Learning from the Past. Current communitarians reflect on lessons from their own and their communities’ histories, and on inspiration from historical communities that inform their own efforts. Students of communalism share the outcomes of their research, including recipes for success and failure and other insights from past and present communities. Community seekers and founders describe what they’ve
learned so far. Throughout, we explore how learning from the past can help us navigate the present and move toward a more vibrant, functional, cooperative future.

Articles Featured Online. The following articles from our current issue have been posted in our blog.

Learning from the Past, #176 ContentsLearning from the Past, #176 Contents by Chris Roth

The complete table of contents from our print+digital magazine issue.

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The Communal Studies AssociationThe Communal Studies Association by Don Pitzer

CSA and FIC partner to spread awareness of communal groups past and present and the vital lessons they offer, in areas ranging from conflict resolution, sustainability, and equality to the dangers of authoritarianism.

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The Value of Community: What Defines Success?The Value of Community: What Defines Success? by Deborah Altus

Short-term experiences of intentional community, and short-lived communities, can still have powerful, life-changing, and society-changing effects.

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Also in This Issue

  • Publisher’s Note—Celebrating 30, Looking Forward by Sky Blue
  • Notes from the Editor—Memory Lane Is No Dead End by Chris Roth
  • Why The Farm Collective Failed by Melvyn Stiriss
  • Why The Farm Survived by Douglas Stevenson
  • Tracking the Communities Movement: Years of History and the Modern FIC by Sky Blue and Betsy Morris
  • Learning from Our Past by Bill Metcalf
  • Tracing Windward’s Memeology by Walt Patrick
  • Why I Study Communal Societies by Susan Matarese
  • Fifty Years of Utopian Intentioneering at Twin Oaks Community by A. Allen Butcher
  • Life Lessons for Community Longevity by Graham Ellis
  • What Past and Present Communities Can Teach New Communities by Raven MoonRaven
  • My Advice to Others Planning to Start an Ecovillage, Revisited by Lois Arkin
  • Happy, Healthy, Functional, Fit: What Works Best in Present-Day Intentional Communities by Zach Rubin, Ma’ikwe Ludwig, and Don Willis
  • Intentional Community in a Nicaraguan Jungle: Honoring my duality through community practices by Elizabeth Arnott
  • Overcoming Our Americanness by Colin Doyle
  • A Community Journey by Brittny Love
  • Dreaming of a Different Way by Amanda Crowell
  • Forty Years in Community: Has It Made a Difference? by Linda Moore
  • The Start of Ravens’ Roost—Ravens Unite by Mary Miner
  • Five Things We’ve Learned Before We’ve Ever Built by Mairead Cleary
  • The Community of Camp Catawba by Charles A. Miller
  • Review—The Unsettlers by Nancy Roth
  • Creating Cooperative Culture—Honoring Diana Leafe Christian by FIC Staff

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