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Landing Your Community, & introducing new Development Director

Posted on September 23, 2017 by
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FIC Members Webinar
plus, new Development Director

Sky Blue, FIC Executive Director

The Community Builders Forum – FIC Members Webinar

Member BadgeWe’ve produced two installments of The Community Builders Forum. The first was titled How Do We Get People to Join Our Community? The second featured a presentation on consensus with group process legend Laird Schaub. You can find recordings of both on our YouTube channel. Find out more about membership with the FIC.

The topic for October: Landing your Community: The practical and spiritual aspects of real estate for intentional communities.

What to look forward to in this webinar:

Cooperative real estate - Nashoba - Twin OaksCooperative real estate pioneer Cassandra Ferrera will be our guest presenter in this webinar dedicated to all things land and real estate related. Cassandra will address the very practical aspects of finding property, working with real estate agents and dealing with zoning. She will also share about the spiritual aspects of having a profound relationship with the land… even before you acquire it. This webinar will be helpful for people in groups seeking to create intentional community, and
will hold pieces of insight for “landed.”

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Introducing our new Development Director!My name is Carrie Rasmussen. I’m pleased to be starting as FIC’s new Development Director and am excited to learn more about and contribute to the intentional communities movement. Part of my role will be to assist with the membership program and help develop new sources of funding.

Carrie Rasmussen - Dev DirectorMy professional background is mainly as a non-profit land conservation director in Southwestern Maine. Here I was introduced to the concept of intentional communities after attending a professional training held at a co-housing community. I must say, I was fascinated by the cooperation and culture and I had hoped that someday I personally would gravitate toward this lifestyle.

While I don’t presently live in an intentional community, I know how important it is to find peace and happiness by living in a place, with a diversity of people, that feeds the soul. Last year I moved from Maine to Wisconsin to be closer to friends and family, and couldn’t be more satisfied with the small northern community that I chose as home.

I will consider these first few months with FIC as a great learning experience. I am looking forward to expanding my understanding of the intentional communities movement (and its role in cooperative culture, sustainable lifestyles, climate resiliency and more) by collaborating with the great folks at the FIC; the staff, board members and of course, you, it’s members, subscribers and supporters.

If you have any questions for me, or have words of wisdom to share with a ‘newbie’ like me, please feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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joel randall

Joel Randall 417-343-6354 & would like to discuss
my property, estate and how the rest of my life can
benefit fic.

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