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Kicking the Wisdom of Communities Up a Notch

Posted on March 17, 2018 by




Kicking the Wisdom of Communities Up a Notch
By Carrie Rasmussen, FIC Development Director

FIC’s second-ever Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign came to a close recently, blowing our expectations out of the water. The FIC Board of Directors and staff extend a magnificient thank you to the 69 donors who kicked our Wisdom of Communities campaign past its original goal of $4,000, to raise an amazing $6,693!

Thank you to the Fund for Democratic Communities

 Fund for Democratic Communities
We also extend our gratitude to the Fund for Democratic Communities; they matched donations of $100 or less to offer a grant of $2,500 for the production of this four-series book project.

Order Your Copy Today

Wisdom of Communities
Shop at our online bookstore to get Volume 1: Starting a Community, to be shipped out at the end of the month. Even better, order the whole set of four volumes, which will be shipped to you throughout the year. High-fives to those who have already ordered the book(s)!!

After shopping at our Bookstore, head to Amazon Smile and name the Foundation for Intentional Community, Inc. as your supported non-profit. They are tripling the donation rate (1.5%) on your first Smile purchase – through March 31st. Go to and bookmark it for future purchases that will benefit the FIC!

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