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IS IT UTOPIA YET by Kat Kinkade at our bookstore!

Posted on March 2, 2015 by

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At The FIC Community Bookstore
Is It Utopia Yet?
by Erica, Community Bookstore Manager

Is It Utopia Yet?Is It Utopia Yet?
An Insider’s View of Twin Oaks Community In Its 26th Year
1994, by Kat Kinkade, 320 pp, paperbound, ISBN 0-9640445-0-1

From the first page of Is it Utopia Yet, the reader is immersed in one of the country’s best-known and most successful intentional communities, Twin Oaks, in Virginia. The journey is especially exciting because we get an insider’s view from the author, who participated in founding Twin Oaks in 1967 and helped start two other important communities, East Wind and Acorn.

Kat Kinkade was the only one of the original founders of Twin Oaks to remain a community member for most of its history: her book is a deep and interesting record of the story of the community as it stands 25 years after its foundation. It lets us take a peek into the origins and evolutions of its decision-making processes, gives us a valuable insight into group dynamics, and suggests examples of conflict resolution issued by leadership in an egalitarian setting.

But Twin Oaks is also the place where Kat spent most of her life and the book is a personal report on her relationship with the community. Kat speaks frankly and thoughtfully about the community development from her own unique prospective. It is a lively, first hand account of the changes Twin Oaks has gone through, and a fresh, ironic story about personal growth, accepting changes and facing her shifting role in the community.

Jonathan Roth’s honest and amusing cartoons, often seen in Communities magazine, further enriched this book.

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