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Inclusivity and Social Justice – Twin Oaks Communities Conference 2017

Posted on June 20, 2017 by
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Labor Day Weekend Conference Sept 1–4
at Twin Oaks Community, Louisa VA

Co-Sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Community

Communities ConferenceThe FIC is once again pleased to co-sponsor the
Twin Oaks Communities Conference.
This event has been running for 23 years at one of the oldest intentional communities in the country (Twin Oaks just celebrated its 50th anniversary!)

Registration is open!

Work exchange and discounts are available.

Eventbrite - Twin Oaks Communities Conference 2016


Inclusivity and Social Justice

What is like for people from marginalized and oppressed groups to live in intentional communities that are predominantly white, straight, able bodied, etc.? How can ICs move beyond the pursuit of diversity to creating meaningful inclusivity? How can we create ICs that lower financial and cultural barriers? How can the intentional communities movement grow and expand to become more relevant to the disenfranchised?

The theme of this year’s conference will be inclusivity and social justice. You’ll have a bunch of opportunities to learn and share about how intentional communities can be accessible to all people and play a meaningful role in the larger movement towards cooperation and justice.

Keynote: Community and the Crisis of Capitalism

This year’s Friday evening keynote speaker is Ed Whitfield, social critic, writer and community activist. Ed will talk about economics of capitalism, the impending crisis, and the significance of productively creating meaning in community.

Ed has lived in Greensboro, NC since 1970. He is co-Managing Director of the Fund for Democratic Communities, and serves on the boards of the Highlander Research and Education Center and the New Economy Coalition.

Communities Conference workshop
What’s the Communities Conference all about?

If you live or want to live according to the values of cooperation, sustainability, and equality this conference is for you. You’ll get something out of this event whether you’re brand new to communities and cooperatives, or have been living and working in them for decades. The conference focuses on Intentional Communities, including models such as Ecovillages, Cohousing, and Housing Cooperatives, and the larger cooperative movement, including all kinds of cooperative and collective organizations.

Activities at the conference include formal workshops and presentations, open space workshops provided by participants, community introductions and networking, tours of three different intentional communities, a rockin’ dance party, and plenty of time to hang out and have fun.


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