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How to Transition-power of one-power of community

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The Transition Movement
The Transition Handbook
The Transition Companion
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

1) The Transition Handbook
The Transition Companion
Two books by Rob Hopkins
$25 each

When responding to peak oil and climate crises, the act of one individual is likely not enough. But when we act as a community, we build a resiliency stronger than the sum of its parts. How do we transition the power of One to the power of Community? Rob Hopkins has an idea.

Rob Hopkins is the founder of the Transition movement as well as co-founder of Transition Town Totnes and the Transition Network. The Transition Movement seeks to inspire localized grassroots movements that build resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability. Originating out of the UK, Transition has expanded globally, including dozens of initiatives within the US.

Explore the following books by author and founder Rob Hopkins, and learn how to get started and where to pick up in a swiftly expanding movement.
The Transition Handbook
The Transition Handbook
From oil dependency to local resilience
2008; 240 pages; paperback

In the original handbook, Hopkins beautifully illustrates the process into three parts ― and the three parts of ourselves that must be present to understand the movement: The Head, The Heart, and The Hand. Hopkins looks at why peak oil and climate change mean small is inenvitable, how to understand the psychology of change and harness the power of positive vision, and finally what tools are needed to initiate transtion.

“The Transition Handbook is a ground-breaking book that shows how we can move from feeling anxiety and fear in the face of ‘peak oil’ to developing a positive vision and taking practical action to create a more self-reliant existence.”

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The Transition Companion
The Transition Companion

Making your community more resilient in uncertain times
2011; 320 pages; paperback

In Hopkin’s second book, he picks up the story once the movement has stretched across the globe. He draws on the experience of many to describe the vulnerability we face in changing times, the process a community goes though while in transition, and envisions a future in which creative communities are working together to take back their lives.

This book is filled with colorful images of communities already doing the work to incite, inspire, and empower the community just getting started.

“What if the best responses to peak oil and climate change don’t come from government, but from you and me and the people around us?”

Order this title now!

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