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How to Inspire Sustainability by Gaia Education

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GAIA EDUCATION: Teacher’s Guide & Youth Activities Guide
by Kim Kanney, Bookstore Manager

Where does one begin when teaching and inspiring one’s community towards a holistic approach to a sustainable lifestyle?

From the leading organization that draws on the best practices and real experiences from ecovillages around the world, Gaia Education offers you the “Teacher’s Guide: Design for Sustainability,” and the “Gaia Youth Activities Guide.”

Gaia Education Guides by Gaia Education

Gaia Guides
Teacher’s Guide: Design for Sustainability
Teacher’s Guide conceived and designed by the GEESE – Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth

The Teacher’s Guide is a practical manual for sustainability teachers, from universities and classrooms, to ecovillage education courses, or for implementation in your own community. This digital manual comprehensively covers four dimensions of sustainability – social, economic, ecological & worldview – and is packed with innovative materials, approaches, and tools that have been developed in and tested by sustainable communities and transition settings worldwide.

This guide covers a range of topics, including:
• Creating community & embracing diversity
• Decision making, and circular leadership from power over to power with
• Economy: making the shift, plugging leaks in local economy, local currencies
• Appropriate use of natural resources, urban agriculture and food resilience
• Transformation of consciousness

Gaia Youth Activities Guide
A Supplement for Facilitators and Participants Working with Youth
in Ecovillage Design Education Courses

Topics in this guide include:
1. Conservation of natural resources, environmental protection
2. Global Solidarity, and finding courageous and optimistic solutions to problems
3. Finding right livelihood, addressing poverty
4. Building Food Security and localization

Order both now and receive a discount! Or order the digital books and receive them immediately.

Also available by Gaia Education:

The Four Keys to Sustainable Communities Book Series is comprised of four comprehensive books compiled by Gaia Education. This series offers an overview of cutting-edge thinking on design for sustainability at local, regional and global scales. Drawing from the experience emerging from the best research and development centers for carbon-constrained lifestyles, they are reference books for anyone seeking to develop a high quality low-impact life-style.

The Four Keys to Sustainable Communities Series covers core dimensions of the Gaia Education curriculum: Economic, Worldview, Ecological and Social, making ideal companions on the journey of our face-to-face or virtual programs.

The titles included are:

Beyond You and Me

Beyond You and Me

Gaian Economics

Gaian Economics

Designing Ecological Habitats

Designing Ecological Habitats

Song of the Earth

Song of the Earth

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