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How are you resilient? A social media give-away.

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How does intentional community make us more resilient?

30th Anniversary

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In case you haven’t heard, it’s our 30th birthday and we can’t stop celebrating. For those living in intentional community, the question is never, “Does intentional community make us more resilient?” Rather, we like to discuss “HOW does intentional community make us more resilient?”

We’re confident it does, and we know it looks differently for everyone. We want to highlight all the faces, stories, and examples. Share with us how you see intentional community making a more resilient world. Here’s how:

  1. Post on facebook an image, video or just text answering the question, “how does intentional community make us more resilient?”
  2. Tag Foundation for Intentional Community in the post
  3. Add the hashtag #togetherresilient

The Giveaway

Birthday Offer 30th Anniversary FIC

All posts will be entered into a drawing to win a set of our three key publications:

Communities Directory, 7th edition

Communities magazine #177 – Urban Communities (releases in December)

Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption

Three posts will be randomly selected to win. Let’s share with the world why intentional community is so important!

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