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Have you seen our digital library?

Posted on November 21, 2015 by
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Community Bookstore
Our Digital Media Library
Books & DVDs
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

At the Foundation for Intentional Community, our aim is to offer resources that help you foster stronger community connections, however that makes sense for you. We also aim to make such resources as accessible and easy as possible. As a result, our library of digital media is growing and continues to grow all the time. Have you seen our digital library? Check out the Digital Media section of our website and read on to learn more about all our options.

VidVisions of Utopia DVD comboeos to rent or own

New on digital: Seeking the Good Life and Voices of Cohousing!
Available as digital rentals (only $5 each!) or for digital purchase

The two-part documentary Visions of Utopia: Experiments in Sustainable Culture is a look into communal living with profiles of seventeen diverse contemporary intentional communities and the stories told from within.

Findhorn ReflectionsBooks only available in digital

Such as our newest addition Findhorn Reflections or other new titles like Local Money and Sacred Speech

Findhorn Reflections is a collection of one member’s personal reflections and observations of life inside the cutting-edge ecovillage, Findhorn Community, in Scotland. For a community that produces its own energy, treats its own sewerage, grows its own food and develops sustainable, low-carbon architecture, author Meltzer offers his inside perspective written as both a love letter and a critique.

Manual Group Facilitation and Building United JudgmentBooks available as both digital and print

Such as classics A Manual for Group Facilitation and Building United Judgement  and other new titles like Thrivability and Ecovillage: 1001 ways to heal the planet.

A Manual for Group Facilitation and Building United Judgement is just $16 for the combo package
and a no-brainer essential introduction to group dynamics. Published by FIC, these books are key training materials for group facilitation, building group consensus, and working together effectively.

Communities magazineCommunities magazine is available in digital

Select a specific back issue, order a subscription, or buy the complete back issue set.

If you prefer to stay informed by means online, perhaps a new digital
is right for you. Or, review our issues from the past anytime by searching the back issues section of our website. You can even download just our current issue, “Community and the Law.”

Best of CommunitiesDownload our Best of Communities series

Single issues or a complete set are available in digital

Our Best of Communities compilation is the best of the best articles that have appeared over the last 20 years in our flagship publications: Communities magazine and Communities Directory. Any of the 15 compilations is available in print for $15, or can be downloaded now for $10 each.

We will continue to add more products to our Digital Media listings so please be sure to keep checking in!

Community Bookstore
23 Dancing Rabbit Ln
Rutledge MO 63563

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