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Have you heard what’s happening with ReInhabiting the Village?

Posted on August 22, 2017 by
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Community Bookstore Featured
ReInhabiting The Village
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

ReInhabiting The VillageReInhabiting the Village
CoCreating our Future
352 pages; paperback book
110 pages; spiral-bound workbook
by Jamaica Stevens

Have you heard what’s happening with ReInhabiting the Village?

This multimedia social movement features projects, organizations, and community leaders inspiring us to engage in a regenerative future through dialogue, collaboration, and innovation. The movement, in part, includes a 352-page book with colorful imagery, 60 authors and 14 visionary artists of diverse generations and cultures.

Plus, the ReInhabiting the Village book is now being used in a US college course on sustainability! Portland State University sees the value in utilizing multi-dimensional, interactive textbooks in the classroom.

You’ll be blown away by the imagery and design of each topic as the book explores 12 themes, from Health & Healing to Living Economy; Art & Culture to Media & Storytelling. With featured guests and chapter introductions from the author, Jamaica Stevens.

Pair your book with the interactive spiral-bound workbook featuring 110 pages of exercises, step-by-step instruction, and practical approaches to integrating the inspiration from the book.

Get your set today here and watch this video to learn more.

Also, pair your learning with the Gaia Education 4 Keys to Sustainability book set for a deeper understanding of creating the village. Gaia Education focuses on four dimensions of community―Economic, Ecological, Social and Worldview―with cutting-edge thinking on design for sustainability at local, regional and global scales.


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