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Happy Earth Day!

Posted on April 21, 2017 by

Happy Earth Day!
Ma’ikwe Ludwig
Author and longtime champion of FIC

FIC is celebrating this beautiful planet we share for the whole year of 2017!

Nikki SilvestriYou may have already seen the Spring issue of Communities
magazine, Communities and Climate Change. If you haven’t, it’s worth picking up just for the amazing interview with Nikki Silvestri on food systems, the tie-ins between land management, economics and climate change, and humility. If you are not yet familiar with Nikki’s work, now’s the time to rectify that! Her company, Silvestri Strategies, is a rare project design and management firm that understands the intersection of community, economies and ecology.
If that isn’t enough good reading, FIC officially released my new book today, Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption. It offers an important validation of all the hard work that has happened in the communities movement for many years to pioneer a lifestyle that is becoming more and more relevant as our climate unravels. It also highlights economic and policy reform to make community living easier and more widely accessible.

Finally, let’s get together! I’m going to be hitting the railways for my second national speaking tour in September and October, and I’d love to meet you. You can get me there by contacting Mariyam Medovaya, the Tour Coordinator, at [email protected].

And of course communities all over the country are also celebrating, with fierce love, this One Home of ours today.

However you celebrate, the FIC family wishes for you hope, precious dirt under your fingernails, and loving companionship for the journey. 


Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, from their own mini-climate-march, 2014
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