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Going, Going, Gone! πŸŒͺ Major discounts on Gaia Education books πŸ“šπŸ“–

Posted on July 19, 2019 by

Take advantage of these major discounts on all books produced by Gaia Education, the international NGO providing students of all ages and cultural backgrounds with knowledge and skills to design a thriving society.

Gaia Education is a leading-edge provider of sustainability education that promotes thriving communities within planetary boundaries. As part of this mission, they’ve published several books guiding its readers on how to build sustainable communities at local, regional and global scales.

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Four Keys to Sustainable Communities

$20 per book ~ Entire Set for just $68

The Four Keys to Sustainable Communities Series is comprised of four comprehensive books covering the core dimensions of the Ecovillage Education curriculum: Economic, Worldview, Ecological and Social.

Drawing from the experience emerging from the best research and development centers for carbon-constrained lifestyles, these books are great for anyone seeking to develop a high quality low-impact life-style or community.

Each book book is originally $30
Order now for just $20 each!
Purchase the entire set for $68

Gaia Education Guides

45-50% off original price

The Gaia Education Teacher’s Guide and Youth Activities Guide, are practical are expansions to the Ecovillage Education curriculum, focused specifically for engaging youth in the four core dimensions as mentioned above.

You will find the guide’s packed with innovative materials, approaches, and tools – as well as hands-on activities and ideas – to make learning about sustainability comprehensive, practical, engaging, and fun.

$15 Teacher’s Guide in print (Originally $25)
$10 Youth Activities Guide in print (Originally $20)
$25 Combination set in print (Originally $45)

Gaia Education Guides

What else is on sale? Explore it all at our Sales Page for prices as low as $5!

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