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Go Green (Building)!

Posted on March 1, 2016 by

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Green Building, Ecovillage Design, and Land Preservation
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Best of Communities Vol XI digital and print compilationBest of Communities Volume XI
Green Building, Ecovillage Design, and Land Preservation
A special selection of articles from Communities: Life in Cooperative Culture magazine
$10 Digital, $15 Print

The Fellowship for Intentional Community is pleased to offer you the cream of our crop―the very best articles that have appeared over the last 20 years in our flagship publications: Communities magazine and Communities Directory. We’ve distilled what we consider the most insightful and helpful articles on the topics that you―our readers―have told us you care about most, and have organized them into 15 scintillating collections.

Creating community often requires building from the ground up―literally! And many communities choose sustainable building practices as part of its growing foundation. In the Green Building, Ecovillage Design, and Land Preservation issue, you’ll hear from members and residents of communities far and wide who share their stories about how to be green in the design and building of a community. You’ll even find a concise list of what not to do!

From Sirius Community in Massachusetts to O.U.R. Ecovillage in Vancouver; Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri to Earthaven Ecovillage in North Carolina. The leading ecovillages and communities share their lessons, tales, and a-has all compiled in one place.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have our greatest articles all in one place!

Order Volume XI today or get the entire set!

Want more on these topics? Order the print or digital version of these back issues of Communities magazine:

Ecovillages #156 Sustainable Building and Design #95

# 156 Ecovillages

#  95 Sustainable Building and Design

EcovillagesOr, dive deeper with Ecovillages: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Communities.

Packed with tips, useful insights, sage advice and a wealth of resources, Ecovillages will appeal to a broad range of people interested in living in community or planning to do so. The book is enhanced by full-color case studies of ecovillages around the world..

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