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Gender Issues – Communities Magazine #162 Spring Issue

Posted on April 14, 2014 by

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Communities Magazine — Spring 2014
Gender Issues
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Renewable Energy - Communities Magazine Cover - Winter #161Gender Issues—Issue #162

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Our Spring 2014 issue focuses on Gender Issues. How do gender roles, gender relationships, and gender identity play out in intentional community? Our articles delve far beyond the confines of stereotypical male/female issues to explore what gender means to each of us. Authors discuss their experiences with gender-bending, genderqueerness, and expanding gender consciousness. They weigh the pros and cons of “corrective discrimination,” and some suggest it’s finally time to move beyond “women-only space.” We also hear about ground-breaking approaches to housing the homeless and how Margaret Thatcher helped the cause. Please join the discussion!

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Articles Featured Online. The following articles from our new issue have been posted at our new blog

Gender: Is There A Gender: Is There A “There” There? by Chris Roth

The intensity of community living can bring issues of gender, sexual identity, and gender relationships to the fore as nothing else does.

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Who Builds The Houses?: Gender In Eco-Communities Who Builds The Houses?: Gender In Eco-Communities
by Jenny Pickerill

A researcher finds that men still dominate building in eco-communities, and offers strategies to empower women…

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Gender-Bending On The Commune Gender-Bending On The Commune by Valerie Renwick

When a Twin Oaks member leads a tour, “co” must “address the dress” (when appropriate) and wear a shirt, whether or not participating in the collective menstrual calendar.

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Also in This Issue

  • Publisher’s Note: Gender Dynamics in Cooperative Groups by Laird Schaub
  • On This Episode of “Girls with Tools”… by Cole Wardell
  • Particulate Matter by Molly Shea
  • Sexism at Dancing Rabbit by Sam Makita
  • Feminism vs. Spaghetti Pits by Kathryn Simmons
  • Evolving Gender Consciousness in New Culture Camps by Oblio Stroyman
  • Genderqueer Geeks Discover Hivemind in Community by Esty Thomas
  • Gender: The Infinite Ocean by Innis Sampson
  • Feminist Spirituality and Gender: Lessons from Beyond Women-Only Space by Mary Murphy
  • Teaching Feminism By Example by Kim Scheidt
  • My Gender Journey, in Family and Community by Luke Byrnes
  • Healing Gender Issues through Community by Marcus DeGauche
  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Sharing a Heartfelt Conversation by Niánn Emerson Chase
  • Margaret and Me: The Iron Lady Becomes an Unexpected Ally by Andrew Moore
  • Opportunity Village Eugene: Pioneering New Solutions for the (Formerly) Homeless by Alex Daniell
  • Community Living Worldwide: Energising Community Spirit: Australian Intentional Communities Conference, 2013 by Bill Metcalf
  • Creating Cooperative Culture: Honoring Ira Wallace by Laird Schaub

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