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FIC’s Ecological Office! + Moving Sale!

Posted on April 18, 2015 by
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by Christopher, Communities Business Manager

FIC's New Green OfficeFIC’s New Green Office Headquarters!

Sustainability occurs when nature, culture, and technology are in cooperation.

FIC has a deep commitment to raising environmental awareness and engaging in green practices, so is psyched to announce our new highly ecological office!

Natural Materials

This natural building uniquely features load-bearing straw bale construction and earthen plaster. It is made of all natural, local, and recycled materials, and is very energy and temperature efficient.

Electricity from solar panels!

Clean solar energy provides power to the office, and a wood stove heats this cozy 350 square foot building.

The name of the building is Allium, and it is actually the oldest natural building located at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. DR is known for being exemplars of sustainability and creativity in community. Read their 6 Ecological Covenants here!

Not only is this a perfect new home for FIC from an ecological and cultural standpoint, we are also thrilled to be moving out of a 70’s era trailer that was dilapidated and long past retirement. 🙂

FIC Eco-Office Moving SaleMoving Sale!

To make it easier to move the Community Bookstore over to the eco-office, plus to offer some fun things that we found while cleaning out the trailer, how about a big spring cleaning yard sale?

Here is our bake sale assortment of pretty sweet deals:

Communities Directory previous editions$2 (Each Title, plus shipping/handling)

Visions of Utopia on VHS – US and International formats, find options under ‘DVD Selection’
Communities Directory (1995, 2005, or 2007!)
Community of the Ark
Circles of Strength
Rebuilding Community in America
Living the Dream
Celery Wine

FIC T-Shirt$5
FIC T-shirt – purple, size small (just 2 left!)
Best Investment: Land in a Loving Community
2 Communities magazine Back Issues

Choosing a Sustainable Future$10
Communities Directory (2010)
Choosing a Sustainable Future
Building United Judgment
Senior Cohousing Handbook (1st Edition – just 5 left!)

Building Commons and Community$20
Passive House Revolution DVD
10 Communities magazine back issues
Building Commons and Community
Open Space Technology (just 2 left!)
Local Money (just 1 left!)

All deals, add Shipping/Handling.

Help us make moving easier!

We are moving soon, and you can help out by selecting some of the deals above―now through the month of May.

To a greener way forward, together. Thank you for all your support!


Contact us to order by mail or phone

Community Bookstore
RR 1 Box 156
Rutledge MO 63563
fic at ic dot org

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