Harvey Baker, PhD, Dunmire Hollow Community (Waynesboro, TN)

Harvey Dunmire CMag PSHarvey is a cofounder (1974) of Dunmire Hollow Community, and helped reinvigorate and expand the FIC in the mid-80s. He has served on the board of the FIC for over 25 years, and also contributes as member of the Oversight, Ministry, and Personnel Cmtees. He is past president of the Communal Studies Association. He co-owns a community based custom woodworking business, and serves the Waynesboro community as high school soccer coach. He and his partner Dorie Mueller grow and eat a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables in their garden. He plays soccer and bicycles (and shovels organic matter into the garden) for exercise and fun, and plays harmonica in a wide range of musical genres and venues. He presents workshops at various communities conferences each year, and is a volunteer auctioneer when needed. He hosts community visitors, touring bicyclists, and SERVAS members, giving them a glimpse of a more community based lifestyle.


Laird Schaub, FIC’s Executive Secretary and Development Coordinator, Sandhilll Farm Community (Rutledge, MO)

Laird has been involved with the Fellowship since its inception in 1987, and has served as Executive Secretary Lairdsince 1998. His background in intentional community began in 1974 when he helped start Sandhill Farm, a small income-sharing community in northeast Missouri where he lives today. His career as a community networker began in 1980 as Sandhill’s delegate to the Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC), a role he filled for 21 years (1980-2001). In addition to conceiving and modeling the role of FEC Secretary (as a paid part-time administrator), Laird created a self-insurance fund whereby member communities pool money against the possibility of catastrophic health care costs for their members. Based on his years of community experience, Laird launched a part-time career as a group process consultant in 1987. He is both a trainer and a facilitator, specializing in helping groups work constructively through conflict and in learning how to conduct effective and up-tempo meetings using consensus. In 2003 he pioneered a two-year training course in Integrative Facilitation where students in a geographic area meet eight times for intensive three-day weekends spaced approximately three months apart to immerse themselves in learning the craft of facilitation. In the last 10 years he’s delivered this training seven times, educating about 80 students. As a professional, Laird writes regularly about the emerging field of cooperative group dynamics, both through regular contributions to Communities magazine and via a blog he started in 2007 and that now has more than 650 entries.

Cecil Scheib, PE, CEM, LEED AP
Director of Advocacy, Urban Green Council (US Green Building Council, New York)

With over twenty years sustainability experience, Cecil is Director of Advocacy at Urban Green Council, where he works on legislative and political campaigns to further green building in New York City, Previously, he was Director of Energy and Sustainability at New York University, cutting energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in five years. Cecil wrote NYU’s Climate Action Plan and Energy and Water Design Standards for new construction. A Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Founder, Cecil holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and a Professional Engineer’s license from New York State, and is a Certified Energy Manager and LEED Accredited Professional.
Other DR Affiliations: Founder, ex-member


Betsy Morris, Berkeley Cohousing (Berkeley, CA)

Betsy has 25 years in  the field of community development. She is founding partner of Planning for Sustainable Communities, a small consultancy serving community deveopment corporations and anti-poverty agencies. She is co-organizer of East Bay Cohousing, a 2300 member group devoted to intentional community, sustainability, and transition economics.  Past positions include Housing and Economic Development Director at Somos Mayfair in San Jose, CA; Senior Reseach Associate (Transportation & Climate Policy) at Lawrence Berkeley Labs, and Diirector of the MBA Program in Sustainable Enterprise at New College of California.   Betsy has a PhD and Master’s in City & Regional Planning from UC Berkeley and a BA in Urban Studies and Small Group Dynamics from Beacon College. From 2006-2010 she was Research Director at Coho/US, and continues to be active with the Cohousing Research Network.  She has lived in Berkeley Cohousing with her husband Raines Cohen, since 2003.   Betsy joined the FIC Board in 2011.

Other FIC affiliations include: Communities Magazine author, guest editor; member of the Sustainability Education Committee.
Alyson Ewald, Red Earth Farms (Rutledge, MO)

Capital Campaign Coordinator, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
Trainer, Integrative Facilitation

AlysonAlyson Ewald has spent over twenty years leading environmental and educational programs both within the US and abroad. She is the coordinator of Dancing Rabbit’s Community Building capital campaign, and also serves as a consultant and trainer for communities working to build their facilitation and decision-making skills. She serves on the board of directors of both Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and the Scotland County Farmers’ Market, and is an advisor to The Altai Project, a nonprofit she launched in 2004 to support environmental efforts and indigenous groups in Siberia. She co-founded Red Earth Farms, a homesteading community, where she lives with her partner and young daughter. She received her BA in English from Bates College.

Other FIC Affiliations: former Development Assistant, former Communities Magazine Editor, Development Committee
Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Rutledge, MO)

MaikweMa’ikwe is the Director of Ecovillage Education US, and the Executive Director of Dancing Rabbit’s nonprofit wing. She has done sustainability education work for over 2 decades, and combines that experience with 17 years of intentional community living to create wholistic, practical education experiences, and lives her values as a member of Dancing Rabbit. Maikwe teaches consensus and cooperative group facilitation with her husband, Laird Schaub. In 2007, she published her first book, Passion as Big as a Planet, which looks at the intersection between spiritual development and effective ecological activism.

Other FIC affiliation: former Events Team chair, Oversight Team member and Community Bookshelf Manager; Development Committee member and regular contributor to Communities magazine.
Marty Klaif, Shannon Farm (Afton VA)

Marty has lived most of his adult life (35 years) in intentional community. He is a co-founder of Network for New Culture, a bi-coastal organization which has promoted personal growth, personal empowerment and social change since 1995. He has been a leader in the business world, acting as a corporate and classroom trainer, and project manager, including being a founding partner of Abacus, Inc., an early Apple distributor that was key in Apple getting a foothold in the business world. Marty has brought his considerable experience to FIC for the past 13 years.

Other FIC Affiliations: Oversight Team member, Ministry Committee, Board Liaison for Staff for Web and Communities Magazine