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February FIC Blog: Enduring Happiness, Affordable Tiny Homes, & More!

Posted on February 24, 2015 by

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Enduring Happiness, Affordable Tiny Homes, New Beehive Designs, and More!

Hello to you from Christopher Kindig, FIC Business Manager!

Hopefully you and yours are making it alright through this prolonged and brutal winter (brutal for most of us in the US).

To warm you up some, at least on the inside, here is a look back at some of February’s most popular posts on the Intentional Community Blog, which can also be found on
FIC’s Facebook page
. Thanks for tuning in!

New Beehive DesignNew beehive design does not disturb bees to harvest honey

For those who harvest honey, “the worst part of being a beekeeper is pulling out the honey-laden frames from the box and tearing them up to get the honey. The bees hate it and so do I. That’s why this new hive design, called Flow, is so cool.”

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Mass Mosaic helps people connectMass Mosaic helps people connect to share in abundance

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share your skills and what you have in abundance, and receive help from those who have what you are lacking? “Your skills, things, interests, experiences, passions, and dreams make you unique. Now you can exchange it all with the help of community!”

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Smart Water Pipes that Harvest Power Smart water pipes that harvest power

Portland unveils smart water pipes that generate electricity for powering streetlights. In addition to this, they are equipped with sensors to monitor pressure, flow, and safety.

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Why should you care about Intentional CommunitiesWhy should you care about Intentional Communities?

FIC Board Member Sky Blue reviews the systems and culture Twin Oaks has built to allow it to thrive. “We have 92 adults (plus 17 children) sharing finances, running businesses, managing a small scale farm, sharing housing, a fleet of vehicles, and covering all other basic needs, including health and dental, collectively.”

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Where to Find HappinessWhere to Find Happiness?

Sarah van Gelder, co-founder and editor in chief of Yes! Magazine
, provides an article to address the question, what actually makes us happy? “Sustainable happiness is built on a healthy natural world and a vibrant and fair society. It is a form of happiness that endures, through good and bad times, because it starts with the fundamental requirements and aspirations of being human.”

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Beautiful Tiny Home costs couple $22,000Beautiful Tiny Home costs couple $22,000

Imagine living rent and mortgage free, while reducing your planetary imprint, and being closer to your partner! This brave couple decided to radically change their approach to housing, to create something beautiful, elegant, functional, and affordable.

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