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Right Livelihood #152

Communities back issue #152 Right Livelihood Featuring #152 Right Livelihood
Fall 2011

Communities magazine has 170 issues, dating all the way back to 1972. Many of the article topics remain timeless. And while authors’ stories may date themselves, the lessons will continue to teach us.

Let’s take a look back at the Fall 2011 issue focused on Right Livelihood.

How do we support ourselves economically in ways that, instead of compromising our values, bring us into more responsible, meaningful relationship with one another and the earth? How do we develop sustainable, human-scale economies that allow us to thrive? Our authors find that communitywhether “intentional” or formed among neighbors or co-workingis key.

In this issue, you’ll find these articles and many more:

  • WORK LESS, SIMPLIFY MORE By reducing our economic impact, we can shrink our ecological footprint, while freeing up time and energy to contribute to community and a more sustainable world. Kim Scheidt
  • REMADE IN EDINBURGH The Story of a Community Vision for a Reuse and Repair Centre in ScotlandIn Brixton, South London, and Edinburgh, Scotland, right livelihood finds a home in innovative, resource-conserving, grassroots projects. Sophie Unwin
  • CROWDFUNDING A Communal Business ModelA collective financial approach that allows individuals to pool their resources in support of favorite projects, crowdfunding both encourages and thrives upon community. Elizabeth Barrette
  • WHICH COMES FIRST, MY COMMUNITY OR MY CAREER? For an Out-of-Work Philosopher, Suddenly It’s Not So TheoreticalBelieving that the next phase in human evolution involves a return to the “local” and to community with neighbors, the author focuses his job search close to home, and includes any useful type of work. Stephen Wing
  • THE GIFT OF COMPOST To the Compostmeister at a collective house, the cycles of compost embody a new economics that focuses on human needs and relationships. Jesse Harasta

Issue #152 is available in both print and digital.

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