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It’s time to take the FIC to the next level

We need your help to…


Accelerate the development of intentional communities

Amplify the impact they have on society

Foster collaboration in the larger movement towards cooperation, sustainability and social justice




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MAD Impact 2




As a grassroots funded organization our income has always been a combination of membership fees, donations, and mission-related business income. We’ve never been foundation funded. It’s a testament to the network we serve and the importance of intentional community.  But right now, more than ever, we need your help.

As the intentional communities movement has continued to grow and evolve, we’ve increased our efforts. The challenge has been to increase income to increase capacity, and this has led us into a financial crisis. We’ve been operating at a deficit for 8 of the last 10 years, and we have become dangerously reliant on cash flow loans and credit cards.

handsWe’re ready to take things to the next level. We don’t just want to make up our current shortfall and pay off debt, we want to provide you with even more programs and services to support your efforts to build community.

There’s no shortage of amazing projects and programs we could be developing. We’d like to turn the wiki into a more robust toolkit/solutions library. We’d like to turn the Process Consultants list into a Community Consultants Program. We’d like to do an overhaul of the front end of the website. We’d like to develop the functionality of the online Directory. We’d like to work more with researchers. We’d like to do more to support regional networking. We’d like to collaborate more with aligned organizations. We’d like to expand the perception of intentional communities beyond 60’s communes and do more to articulate their relevance and applicability to today’s world. And there are lots of other possibilities waiting in the wings.

Intentional communities are helping address a fundamental question of our time: How can humanity peacefully, equitably, and sustainably share resources on this finite planet? The formation and development of intentional communities needs to accelerate, and their impact on society needs to be amplified.

Thank you for your support!



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