Options for Educating Children in Community

Each community is different and has its own approach for educating their children. Join us for this workshop to learn how to navigate through all of the educational options that are available to you and come to a decision that feels right for you and your community.

Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities October

Thinking about joining an intentional community? Curious to learn about communities from them directly? Want to peek inside community living and get your questions answered? The Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities is the event experience for you!

Participation in Community: Understanding Tensions and Resolutions

Most communities encounter bumps in the road when it comes to non-monetary member contributions to the maintenance and well-being of the group. Join us for this introductory 1-hour webinar, to gain an understanding of healthy group dynamics around shared work in community, as well as get a taste for our upcoming 5-week course, Work & Participation in Community.

Planning for Children in Community

Looking at the capacity of your community and their willingness to support families will be an important factor to consider when planning for children in community. Join us for this 2-hour workshop to learn how to navigate the conversations that are needed when planning for children in community to ensure the happiness and comfort of everyone involved.

Finding & Financing Your Community Dream Property

Many groups are ready to build their dream home, but have concerns about finances. Capital is needed for the down payment, monthly mortgage, taxes, insurance payments, and initial development costs. Join licensed realtor and community co-founder, Jonah Mesritz, to learn how to successfully find and finance your community dream property.

Place Justice 101: Making, Taking and Keeping Place

To varying degrees, we all shape and are shaped by the places we inhabit. Join artist, facilitator and place justice consultant Ridhi D’cruz in an exploration of designing justice at the intersections of healing, creativity and place.

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