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Economics in Cooperative Culture – Communities magazine summer issue

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Communities Magazine — Summer 2017
Economics in Cooperative Culture
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Economics In Cooperative Culture - Communities Magazine Cover - Summer #175

Economics in Cooperative Culture—Issue #175

Our new Communities issue on Economics in Cooperative Culture was mailed to subscribers on June 1. You can subscribe now or order a sample and we’ll ship you a copy today!

Economics in cooperative culture—the focus of our Summer issue—is expressed in myriad forms. From cohousing developments to gift-economy activist camps, from spiritual communities to mobile home parks, from income-sharing communities to intentional neighborhoods, people across a wide range of economic circumstances and approaches are discovering the benefits of cooperative economics. Their stories suggest new ways of “stewarding our home” and transitioning into a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Articles Featured Online. The following articles from our current issue have been posted in our blog.

Economics in Cooperative Culture ContentsEconomics in Cooperative Culture, #175 Contents by Chris Roth

Economics in cooperative culture—the focus of our Summer issue—is expressed in myriad forms.

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Towards a Joyful EconomicsTowards a Joyful Economics by Helen Zuman

From Gift Circles in Brooklyn to the sharing economy at an ecovillage-based collective house, the author explores practical applications of Sacred Economics.

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The Gift Economy of Standing RockThe Gift Economy of Standing Rock by Murphy Robinson

The principles of indigenous culture informed the Water Protectors’ camps: generosity, compassion, and collective survival took precedence.

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Also in This Issue

  • Publisher’s Note—Transforming Economics by Sky Blue
  • Notes from the Editor—“Stewarding Our Home”: a Place for Everyone by Chris Roth
  • Participatory Budgeting in an Income-Sharing Community by Adder Oaks
  • Servant Leadership in Cooperative Business: Stirring It Up at East Wind Nut Butters by Sumner Nichols
  • Community as Economic Engine by Laird Schaub
  • Economy, Community, and Place by Lindsay Hagamen
  • A New Economy: Connections of Affection by Helen Iles
  • Towards a Relationship Economy at Port Townsend EcoVillage by Viki Sonntag
  • Home Ownership Is Dead! Long Live the Permanent Real Estate Cooperative! by Janelle Orsi
  • Mobile Home Parks: A Fast and Inexpensive Path to Cohousing by William Noel
  • Business Co-ops as a Prelude to Intentional Community by Werner Kontara
  • Community Is the Best Medicine: A guide to cooperative living on a disability income by Lily Silver
  • Exemplars: An Introduction by Paul Freundlich
  • Living Out a Gift Economy in Community with Others by Tina Dunn (with input from others in the Jesus Christian community)
  • Economics and Cooperation in Community: The Ultimate Contest by Dan Schultz
  • Let All Money in the World Become Everyone’s Money: Towards a Society Where All People Can Share Money by Yoshifumi Nakano (called Nakanon)
  • Mixing Sociability and Utility: A Recipe for Community Connection by Annie Raser-Rowland
  • An Invitation to Single Men: Consider Cohousing by Carolyn Schlam
  • Sunflower Cohousing en France by Martin Prosser
  • How to Create New Nature Reserves by Dr. Adrian Cooper
  • Creating Cooperative Culture—Together Resilient: Why This Book? Thoughts on Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption by Sky Blue

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