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Don’t know what to do with your hands? Try natural building.

Posted on July 10, 2017 by
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Course: August 16 – 20, 2017
near Asheville NC

Co-Sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Community

Do you want to build your own home? Are you looking for hand on experience with natural building techniques? Do you just like playing in the mud?

The FIC is a sponsor of the Ecological and Natural Building course, August 16 – 20, at Earthaven Ecovillage, near Asheville, North Carolina.

Ecological and Natural Building

Hands-on Education

Learn about the most common natural materials and techniques for designing ecologically sound buildings. Gain hands-on experience with natural building techniques such as cob, earthen plasters, and paints. Tour natural buildings constructed using these techniques to see sustainable possibilities for foundations, roofs, and wall systems, as well as site selection and passive solar design. This introductory course to natural building empowers students to create energy efficient, beautiful, and
Earth-friendly structures.

The School of Integrated Living and Earthaven Ecovillage are proud to partner with MudStrawLove for this experiential workshop.

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