Earthen Heart Community Homestead

Bangor, Michigan, United States

  • Last updated: July 4, 2018 (1 second ago)
  • Listing created on: December 31, 2016

Mission Statement

Earthen Heart is a community of individuals committed to living in harmony with the Earth, it creatures, and one another. We homestead in order to reduce consumption of outside resources. We nurture a skill-sharing and mentorship culture. We generate income as needed by providing our gifts and skills (services and products) to the region and beyond and so that we can participate in the global community as well.

Community Description

Earthen Heart is currently owned by Julian Lauzzana. The main home is a renovated old farm house with lots of character. I has 4 bedrooms and hosts community meals, showers, laundry, Internet and phone, yoga space, grid-connection etc. In addition there are outbuildings, little houses, trailers, campers, campsites for tents or earthen buildings, etc. which are used by visitors and long term members on the property.

After 7 years, 2018 Phase II of Earthen Heart has begun! A shift towards increasing our commitments and solidifying the core. We will continue to host short and longer term visitors while simultaneously focusing energy on getting a more committed group of folks to work, eat, play, create art and otherwise live together while also honoring individuality and need for private space.

Earthen Heart goal is to create more and more food, housing and energy on-site in a skill sharing community. We have walking perennial food and medicine trails and gardens, blueberry patch, garlic and onions, potatoes, corn, fruit and nuts, many greens, asparagus, strawberries, etc. Generally there are some domestic and farm animals around such as chickens, goats, dogs, cats.

  • Status: Established (At least 4+ adults, 2+ years)
  • Started Planning: 2010
  • Start Living Together: 2011
  • Visitors accepted: Yes
  • Open to new Members: Yes
  • Please read the details in Membership below before contacting this community. Send Message
  • Website address:
  • Contact Name: Julian Lauzzana
  • Phone: (269) 427-1002
  • Community Address:
    60927 County Road 380
    Bangor, Michigan, 49013
    United States
  • FIC Membership

    Since 2016
    This Community is an FIC Member
  • Location


  • Type(s): Shared Housing, Cohouseholding, or Coliving (multiple individuals sharing a dwelling)
  • Programs & Activities: Volunteer, Internship, or Apprenticeship, Ethical Business, Investment Group, or Alternative Currency, Organization, Resource, or Network, WWOOF’ing, Guest Farming, Festivals, Conferences, Events
  • Location: Rural


  • Status: We have land we have developed on
  • Area: 20 acres
  • Current Residence Types: Room(s) in a house or building, Tiny house, Yurt, tee-pee, dome, treehouse, or tent, Mobile homes, RV’s, converted buses, Natural built structues, Lots to build on
  • Current Number of Residences: 4
  • Planned number of residences: 5
  • Planned Residence Types: Tiny house, Yurt, tee-pee, dome, treehouse, or tent, Natural built structues
  • Housing Provided: Purchase, Rental, Work-exchange
  • Land owned by: Individual community member(s)


  • Adult Members: 4
  • Child Members: 2
  • Non-member Residents: 3
  • Percent Women: 31-40%
  • Percent Men: 41-49%
  • Percent Transgender: 0%
  • Visitors accepted: Yes
  • Open to new Members: Yes
  • Membership Process:

    First please fill out survey @ – then email [email protected] or call (269) 427-1002.

  • Additional Comments:

    We are looking for more committed members as we also welcome individuals interested in working and living together for a shorter visit.


  • Decision Making: We meet when something comes up. We communicate. When there is a critical mass of core members more time to Convene would be good
  • Identified Leader: Yes
  • Leadership Core Group: Yes
  • Additional Comments:

    Honestly, this is a struggle. For now, under Human Laws, I, Julian, am sole owner of the 20 acre parcel. I pay the bills, have been here the longest and probably know the land, the plants, the quirks, etc….better than anyone. Future core members should mostly be in alignment with the current vision and direction. I would love to find individuals interested in sharing the title/deed to this land who are willing to commit time and resources to taking Earthen Heart to the next level. Some decisions have to be made by the individual property owner though that is not my desired situation.


  • Join Fee: $20
  • Dues, Fees, or Shared Expenses: Yes
  • Regular Fee per Month: $100
  • Shared Income: None
  • Required Labor Contribution per Week: 10
  • Open to members with existing debt: Yes (some debt)

Sustainability Practices

  • Energy Infrastructure: We use both systems.
  • Current renewable energy generation: Up to 25%
  • Energy sources: Solar, wood and hydronic heat
  • Planned renewable energy generation: Almost All, around 90%
  • Current food produced: Up to 25%
  • Planned food produced: Almost All, around 90%
  • Food produced locally: Between 26-49%


  • Common Facilities: Common House, Garden(s), Greenhouse(s), Library, Workshop, Outbuilding(s), Outdoor Kitchen, Fire pit, Swingsets & play areas, Internet, Kitchen, dining area, land for earth building, tiny home, tent
  • Internet Available: Yes, both the community and individuals provide it
  • Internet Fast?: Yes, it’s fine.
  • Cell Phone Service: Good for most people.
  • Shared meals: 2-5 times per week
  • Dietary Practice: Omnivorous (plants and animals), Paleo (no grains, dairy, processed foods, or legumes), Local (food sourced within 150 miles), Organic (no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers), GMO Free (only non-genetically modified organisms), Vegetarian Only (no animal meat; dairy and eggs okay) – Please check this only if you are 100% Vegetarian, Mostly Vegetarian, Vegan Only (plants only, no animal products) – Please check this only if you are 100% Vegan., Mostly Vegan, Opportunivore (dumpster diving, nature harvesting, etc.), Raw or Mostly Raw, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free
  • Dietary Choice or Restrictions: No – people may eat however they wish.
  • Special Diets OK: Yes
  • Alcohol Use: Yes, used seldomly, or ceremoniously.
  • Tobacco Use: Yes, used seldomly, or ceremoniously.
  • Common Spiritual Practice(s): Not a particularly spiritual or religious community
  • Spiritual Practice Expected?: No
  • Education Style(s): Up to each family or individual
  • Healthcare Options: Up to each family or individual

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Community Network or Organization Affiliations

The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC), Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), Global Ecovillage Network – North America (GENNA),


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