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Labor Day Weekend Conference Sept 4-7
at Twin Oaks Community, Louisa VA

Co-Sponsored by the Fellowship for Intentional Community

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We’re still accepting workshop proposals!

Would you like to do a workshop at the Twin Oaks Communities Conference? Propose one!

Click here for more info and to fill out the proposal form.

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+20 Fishbowl DiscussionWorkshops confirmed

+20 Fishbowl Discussion. Eavesdrop on a conversation from members of communities that have been around at least 20 years. Older communities have a lot of perspective, but they still have their issues. Hear stories and perspectives on the kinds of issues they deal with, along with discussion on solutions to those long-standing problems.

New Kids On The Block. What’s up with some of these new communities these days? A lot! There are a some pretty amazing examples of new intentional communities these days, from the urban homesteading, community explosion that is the Baltimore Free Farm, to the Living Energy Farm, with its commitment to ultimately eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Come for some introductions and discussion with members from a number of <5 year old communities.

Communities Conference 2015 communal groupState of the Movement. There’s a perception that society is looking for alternatives and solutions, and that Intentional Communities are getting more attention as a result. There’s a desire to respond to this attention with information and get more support for forming and developing communities. There are a lot of communities out there, but how are Intentional Communities doing, as a Movement? And there’s a larger cooperative world out there, with many branches looking at sharing, sustainability, economic justice, and more. What role do ICs have in this larger Movement? This and more in a dynamic presentation and discussion.

Money in CommunityMoney in Community

Do you have to deal with money? Yes, that was a rhetorical question. The Monday Program for this year’s Communities Conference is going to be an invaluable experience in unlocking your ability to manage and make the most of this confounding and quintessential aspect of our modern lives.

Intentional communities have the potential to be a major contributor to the larger movement towards a sustainable and democratic global economy. The lack of information and the emotional blocks to dealing with money, finance, and business limit our ability to realize this potential. Our agenda with this program is to move intentional communities towards empowerment and greater activity when it comes to business and leveraging financial resources, and to be more active collaborators with other
branches of the larger movement.

Eventbrite - Twin Oaks Communities Conference 2015

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