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Communities Magazine Editor
(letters, articles, books for review, general comments)

Chris Roth
81868 Lost Valley Lane
Dexter, OR 97431, USA

Email: editor -[at]- ic.org

Communities Magazine Business Manager and Advertising Manager
(advertising, ad exchanges, distribution, promotion)

For more information see: Advertising

Christopher Kindig
Baltimore, MD, USA

Email: ads -[at]- ic.org

Communities Magazine Art Director
(photos and illustrations)

Yulia Zarubina
Wilmington, NC USA
Email: layout -[at]- ic.org

Main Office (at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage)
(Headquarters and fulfillment center)

Communities Magazine
23 Dancing Rabbit Lane
Rutledge, Missouri 63563-9720, USA

Fulfillment Office (at Twin Oaks Community)
(place an order, subscribe, address corrections)

Communities Magazine
138 Twin Oaks Road
Louisa, Virginia 23093, USA

800-462-8240 (Toll Free)

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