Voices of Cohousing (Film)


Voices of Cohousing: Building Small Villages in the City

One of today’s biggest paradoxes is that half of the world’s population lives in urban or suburban surroundings, yet many feel lonely and do not know their neighbors. But what if we could reinvent urban living to improve this?

Voices of Cohousing is a documentary that takes a look at and interviews 14 pioneering cohousing communities in Europe. Each group offers unique contributions to designing improved urban living.

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Voices of Cohousing: Building Small Villages in the City from Community Bookstore on Vimeo.

Building Small Villages in the City

Imagine a few dozen families and friends who came together to build a neighborhood from the ground up? Traffic could be kept out, everyone wouldn’t need a fence, and more nature, public spaces, buildings, and resources could be shared.

Hear directly from people who live in cohousing communities, from a variety of backgrounds and ages, as they share personal experiences and community stories of challenge and triumph.

Discover Alternatives to Traditional Urban Living

Interested to live in a community, or curious about alternatives to the mainstream? ‘Voices of Cohousing: Building Small Villages in the City’ is a film that will provide inspiration and guidance!


Documentary by Matthieu Lietaert
2007; 59 minutes; DVD (NTSC), or Digital Rental or Purchase

ISBN: 4-29940-04-1


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