The Zen of Groups

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The Zen of Groups
by Dale Hunter, Anne Bailey & Bill Taylor

The Zen of Groups dances between three poles: the individual in the group, the group as a whole, and the facilitator of the group. When all three of these are functioning well, the group synergy flows. What this book does that a lot of group dynamics books don’t is to bring to light (and make concrete suggestions for improving) this dynamics relationship.

As the title suggests, this books has a Zen overlay. It takes a practical, spiritual approach to the group, leaning in to relationships, personal responsibility and the power of authenticity. The Zen of Groups also does a great job of recognizing the inevitable stuff that comes up in groups and normalizing that thing which most of us avoid: conflict. Through long experience in the Zenergy Global organization and their philosophy of person centered facilitation, the authors have developed a cohesive philosophy on group dynamics that makes their work smooth, practical and, in many cases, light.

The Zen of Groups is for facilitators and group members who use their group experience as a personal growth opportunity.