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The View From 410

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The View From 410: When Home is Cohousing

by Jean Mason.
ISBN 9781440179822, paperbound, 2010, 216 pages
The View from 410 is a memoir of starting Cambridge Cohousing is an honest, spunky and valuable version of the founder’s story. Jean Mason captures many of the typical struggles and joys of being in on the ground floor of a big, ambitious community project and offers valuable perspective to anyone starting a community, especially of the cohousing variety.

Intermingled with the story of the community’s beginning is a glimpse of a remarkable life. Mason, who is now in her 80’s, has been an activist, mother and grandmother, and the same practical and engaged attitudes that made her in interesting community starter also color her personal stories. She models consensus attitudes well, giving a good example of how to speak and listen with non-attachment to the outcomes, and how to put community first. The View From 410 is well worth the read.



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