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Sustainable Homes for the 21st Century


Sustainable Homes for the 21st Century
by Michael Royce and Richard Benner

Sustainable Homes for the 21st Century tells the story of the development of Ankeny Row, a community with six energy-efficient homes in Portland, Oregon. Follow the journey from the inception of a dream to the planning, development, engineering, documents, and finally building of an aging-in-place community the authors and their wives had hoped for.

This inspiring book chronicles the journey through the authors’ personal narrative and is accompanied by many color images of the process. The authors discuss their energy efficient cohousing community design choices, and they chart their energy use post-build, to reflect on what they could have or would have done differently.

Sustainable Homes for the 21st Century is an essential book for anyone interested in creating an urban community, curious about their unique experience, and/or fascinated by community and cohousing development.

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