Sustainable Community – Learning from the Cohousing Model

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Sustainable Community – Learning from the Cohousing Model
by Graham Meltzer
2005; 179 pages, 8 x 10.5 inches; paperback; ISBN: 1-41204994-6
Providing information on successful examples of cohousing as a sustainable lifestyle, Sustainable Community is an invaluable resource. World-wide in its focus and illustrated with the author’s photographs, Sustainable Community is a source of knowledge for those wanting live their lives in a more ecological, less isolated way.

Sustainable Community is the first book to explore the growth of cohousing as an international phenomenon. The author covers the history of cohousing from its origins in Northern Europe to its current presence around the globe. Using sustainability as a central focus, the book then portrays in depth twelve cohousing communities in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

An in-depth analysis leads from these particular examples to an ecological model of empowerment and sustainable community development. The author’s excellent photographs add a valuable dimension to a fascinating book.