Stories from ICs – Mémoires Bundle


A collection of mémoires from inside intentional communities including ecovillages, communes, and spiritual communities.


Stories from ICs – Mémoires Bundle

Intentional Communities can take many names and can look different based on region, landscape, people, and values shared among the group. From communes to ecovillages; the countryside to the jungle; no two communities are exactly the same.

As a collection of mémoires, you can capture a few flavors from inside intentional communities in this bundle of ebooks (all are sent as digital files to your inbox) and read the stories “from the field” of personal triumphs, challenges and advise along the way.

Ecovillages - 1001 Ways to Heal the PlanetEcovillage: 1001 ways to heal the planet by Global Ecovillage Network; edited by Kosha Joubert and Leila Dregger. We begin with a strong introduction to ecovillages throughout the world and an examination of how this way of organizing people and place can have a direct impact on the ecological health of our planet. Read interviews from long-time founders and members, examples of regional and national networks, and immerse in the richness and diversity of ecovillages throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and North America.

Celery Wine: The Story of a Country Commune by Elaine Sundancer. Next we step back in time to an Celery Wine - The Story of a Country Communeera of “back to the land” communes. This is often the common perception of intentional community, although not as common today as it once was. Celery Wine is an endearing memoir of moving to a country community in the wilds of Oregon in the early 1970’s. The book includes practical tips, funny and inspiring stories, delicious recipes, and good lessons about what works and what doesn’t – in life and in communities.

Juggling Fire in the Jungle by Graham Ellis. From the Oregon country to the jungles of Hawai’i we traverse the landscapes and possibilities within community. Here we learn about the first thirty years of Bellyacres: an unintentional community of bohemian jugglers who homestead a remote jungle oasis on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Explore how a community can look when it is based on artistic, anarchist, circus-inspired eccentricities while also championing sustainability. Findhorn Reflections digital book

Findhorn Reflections by Graham Meltzer. Journey now to Scotland to a well-known ecovillage and spiritual community; one that has earned a reputation as a cutting-edge community with open-hearted and intelligent design. Author Graham Meltzer shares his personal perspective of living at Findhorn for over a decade with both sweet fondness and appreciated critique.

Toward Enlightened Community by David Truman and Sara Donna. Finally, we visit the spiritual community of Lampa Mountain Community. This book examines our deeper human need for community. It asks the questions, “What does it take to create a community that will support the members’ true human and spiritual needs?” and “What are the benefits of doing so, and what are the challenges to be overcome?” Written by two founding members with forty years of experience, discover what it takes to create a harmonious community.


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