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Solution-Based Future Bundle

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Solution-Based Future Bundle

It is easy to only see a world around us with growing over-population, diminishing natural resources, a warming Earth, increasing violence and conflict, and a collective culture that is individual-based rather than group-centric. And it is easy to feel helpless and isolated. Turning towards cooperation and intentional community is a part of many action solutions and we want to ignite hope and drive toward a solution-based future. This bundle includes four books that will set you off on that path.

Ready For AnythingReady for Anything: Designing Resilience for a Transforming World by Anthony Hodgson. Let’s start this journey but asking ourselves “What are we ready for?” As we pass the 7 billion mark, we are currently using the resources of about 1½ Earths to support our collective lifestyle. But we only have one Earth. This book introduces you to The World System Model as a new and holistic way to gain an understanding of our particular predicament and explains how to make this model accessible for any group – from city council to school boards; citizen activists to community organizers.
Arrives as digital Ebook.

Sharing Cities - Activating the Urban CommonsSharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons edited by Shareable. “While cities are now the world’s focal point, they are also beset with the most urgent challenges societies face today including inequality, racism, social isolation, and climate change. Not to mention that billions of city dwellers are often unable to meet their basic needs for food, water, and housing.” But with challenge lies opportunity in sharing of such resources and create commons in space, labor, goods, and more. Sharing Cities takes a look at urban commons by showcasing over a hundred models from more than 80 cities in 35 countries.
Arrives as digital Ebook.

Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption by Yana Ma’ikwe Ludwig. Real hope comes from looking unflinchingly at our current circumstances and then committing wholeheartedly to creative action. Together Resilient is a book that advocates for citizen-led, community-based action first and foremost. It also looks at community as an essential element for surviving the coming (and already present) changes with more resilience and grace, and offers concrete examples of building community as a tool for reducing carbon emissions, outside the context of residential intentional communities.
Arrives as paperback book.

Spirit of DialogueSpirit of Dialogue: Lessons from Faith Traditions in Transforming by Aaron T. Wolf. We end this bundle by looking at how we, as humans, address conflict. Oftentimes, it is from the perspective of competing interests. Instead, this book proposes, we can glean from a diversity of faith traditions to transform conflict. Whether atheist or fundamentalist, Muslim or Jewish, Quaker or Hindu, shifting the discussion from one about interests to one about common values can be the starting point for real dialogue.
Arrives as paperback book.

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