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Seeking the Good Life in America

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Seeking the Good Life in America – Alternative Ways to Live Sustainably

Join Joy on her journey to visit intentional communities as she searches for a place to call home.

Follow along on a road trip with her for a personal glimpse into her adventure visiting three well-established Virginia based intentional communities: Acorn, Twin Oaks, and Light Morning.

Seeking the Good Life in America is a personal and accessible story, without preaching, prescribing, or over analyzing. Witness early explorations stepping out of more mainstream life and into alternative cultures, and see how one can be uniquely nurtured or challenged by each community. 

Watch the Trailer, or Digitally rent for $4 or Buy for $12 here:

Seeking the Good Life in America – Alternative Ways to Live Sustainably from Community Bookstore on Vimeo.


Experience Visiting a Community

Seeking the Good Life in America feels like a good community tour: stimulating, heart-opening, thought provoking, and a little giddy.

The film’s style is unpretentious and light, with professional quality, and a warm and personal narrator’s voice. The combination of stubborn grit and self-aware humor gives you a sense of the likable woman behind the camera, and helps you experience her sometimes awkward shift into community settings that often require more active engagement than usual.

While some films about visiting communities feature key figures and talking heads from each community, this film shows you visiting a community from a visitor’s point of view. This includes conversations and tours with community members orienting her, interns, and others visiting communities. Experience an especially genuine look at what visiting a community is really like.


Seeking the Good Life in America
Produced by Outside of the Box Media

62 Minutes

Available on region-free DVD or Digital Rental or Download


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