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Rise Again Songbook


Rise Again Songbook: 304 pages; spiral bound; Hal Leonard; ISBN 978-1495031236: 7.5 x 0.7 x 10 inches

Introducing the long-awaited sequel to the well-loved Rise Up Singing group singing songbook!

Rise Up Songbook

From the creators of Rise Up Singing, Peter Blood and Annie Patterson have launched the sequel, the Rise Again Songbook, containing words & chords to 1200 songs with no overlap of songs featured in Rise Up Singing. Folk, pop, rock, sacred, showtunes, country, soul and more, Peter and Annie worked with a large group of Rise Up enthusiasts to create a terrific follow-up to everyone’s favorite-and essential-songbook!

The Rise Again Songbook features hand-drawn illustrations, and feels just as home-grown as its predecessor. The cover drawing is by Mary Azarian. The large banner illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are the book’s co-editor Annie Patterson. Interior chapter drawings are by Annie, Meghan Merker (who has been the main illustrator for Sing Out! Magazine for over 30 years) or by Mona Shiber.

Pete Seeger, who wrote the introduction to Rise Up Singing, contributed a moving preface to the Rise Again Songbook a year before he passed. A second preface is written by Billy Bragg.

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