Ready for Anything (Ebook)



Ready for Anything:
Designing Resilience for a Transforming World

By Anthony Hodgson, 2011, 108 Pages, Digital Download

Are we Ready for Anything? As we pass the 7 billion mark, we are currently using the resources of about 1½ Earths to support our collective lifestyle. But we only have one Earth. What’s likely to happen next? And how can we design and vision one-planet living?

What sort of help does resilience offer? How can we design resilience? What happens when we do?

Whether you help to run a country, a corporation, an NGO, a public service, a city, a school or a family… these are difficult questions. Particularly difficult when we can’t even agree, for example, whether the climate is changing, whether we should build more nuclear power stations or close the ones we’ve got, and whether the free market offers the best hope or no hope at all for feeding and watering a population of 10 billion.

Which is why, rather than face our problems, we too often bury our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening.


 Working closely with the internationally-renowned International Futures Forum (IFF), futurist Tony Hodgson has developed, tried, tested and fine-tuned a model (The World System Model) and a practical application (The IFF World Game) that have already helped many different groups to ask these questions and generate their own answers.

This book describes and explains The World System Model (right). The model offers the clearest way yet of examining and understanding the interconnected problems we face… and of formulating creative and transformative ways of approaching those problems.

This book also explains how to make the model immediately accessible – in the form of The IFF World Game – to any group (school governors, city councillors, health service managers, concerned citizens, boards of directors, UN High Commission). It uses Case Studies to show how it has already been used in eight different situations from a national economics research council to a city school.

Tony Hodgson’s new book – Ready for Anything – offers a clear and honest look at the state of the world today. Ready for Anything introduces The World System Model as a new and holistic way to gain an understanding of our particular predicament – and The IFF World Game as a quick and effective way of involving others in the exercise.

Ready for Anything goes on to examine the kind of resilient and adaptive solutions that can be most helpful to us – whether they are applied at the level of the school, the city or the Earth. Since so many of us (both human and other beings) have to live on this planet together, it sets out our best hope yet of finding sustainable ways of ‘one-planet living’.

Best of all, Ready for Anything helps ensure that we keep our heads out of the sand.

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