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Plan C

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Plan C: Community Survival Strategies for Peak Oil and Climate Change
by Pat Murphy
2008; 304 pages; 9″ x 6″; paperback; ISBN : 0-86571-607-2
Plan C is about cooperating instead of competing for the remaining supply of fossil fuels. It is also about each of us taking responsibility for curtailing our energy usage on behalf of the human community that exists in the present and the one that will exist in the future.

This book should probably be titled “A REALLY Inconvenient Truth.” Most Americans won’t be too excited to hear that to avoid the worst impacts of climate change we must reduce our overall consumption of all resources dramatically. The author does an excellent job detailing how we got here, where we’re likely to go if we stay on our current track, and how we can choose a different path leading to a better future.

The author shows us that, by fostering the return of community and localization (supporting the local economy, staying near home, work and our food source), we can go a long way down that path.



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