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The Permaculture Package

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The Permaculture Package

Many intentional communities use the principles of permaculture in not only their agricultural design but also in their village-scale land use design, and as models for their interpersonal relationships. Whether or not the concept of permaculture is new to you, this package will both get you started and also offer a new perspective. The Permaculture Package will launch you into the key concepts and core practices, offer examples of how permaculture is approaching climate change, dive deeper into community food forests, and even offers a deck of cards for multi-use activities and games!

The Permaville Handbook: Strategies of Permaculture Design
By Brian Newhouse

This nearly 200-paged digital handbook provides an overview of permaculture’s principles, teaches some core permaculture techniques and practices, and provides direction and resources for connecting with people who share a passion for the work.

If you want to live more closely in tune with nature, to live a simpler life and to find other folks who want the same, this book is an introduction. You will learn what permaculture is and how you can apply it to your life, in a short amount of time.


Permaculture and Climate Change AdaptationPermaculture And Climate Change Adaptation
By Thomas Henfrey & Gil Penha-Lopes

For decades, permaculture practitioners have devised creative responses to changes in local climatic conditions. In doing so, they have developed a collective knowledge and experience invaluable to global efforts to address climate change.

This book seeks to bring this expertise from the margins into the centre of policy debates and mainstream action. It describes in broad terms how permaculture’s underlying philosophy and perspective on climate change complements those of formal science and indigenous knowledge, provides detailed descriptions of practical applications drawing on case studies from around the world, and considers how global responses can most effectively draw upon the unique contributions permaculture has to make.


Food Forest: A card game inspired by Permaculture
Created by Karl Treen

Now you can learn about permaculture, test your skills, and challenge your friends with the new card deck, Food Forest, inspired by Permaculture! The Food Forest card game is a fun and interactive way to learn, teach and design with perennial plants and Permaculture design principles. With the versatility of the cards, several games can be played from a simple matching game suitable for children, to a speed game for up to 6 adults.

Each card features a plant with symbols describing it’s inputs & outputs, solar needs, directional positioning, and suitable zones. Line up the cards in 8 points of contact to determine how each plant can support the next.


The Community Food Forest Handbook
How to Plan, Organize, and Nurture Edible Gathering Places

By Catherine Bukowski & John Munsell

Fueled by the popularity of permaculture and agroecology, community food forests are capturing the imaginations of people in neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the United States. Along with community gardens and farmers markets, community food forests are an avenue toward creating access to nutritious food and promoting environmental sustainability where we live. Interest in installing them in public spaces is on the rise. People are the most vital component of community food forests, but while we know more than ever about how to design food forests, the ways in which to best organize and lead groups of people involved with these projects has received relatively little attention.


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