Peak Oil Solutions Bundle

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Peak Oil Solutions Bundle

The 20th century saw incredible growth in population, resulting in increased energy, resource, water, and food consumption. This rapid growth also resulted in rapid decline – for our clean water, finite energy sources, biodiversity, and economic growth. We can’t reverse our impacts in one swift move, but we can respond responsibly and intelligently to needs of a changing energy future.

This Peak Oil Solutions Bundle is a multimedia package that delivers the troubling facts and follows it with ideas, considerations, hands-on tools, and stories of success. Intentional communities are often at the forefront of such movements. Let’s explore how communities are – and can continue to – carry leadership in addressing peak oil.

Peak EverythingPeak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines

We begin this bundle with two important books that lay out the hard truth of how rapid expansion has impacted most every aspect of our resources, such as energy extraction, food production, fresh water, mineral availability, economic growth, and climate stability.

Peak Everything discusses how we can and must adapt to a world of rapid change and decline, including making adjustments to attitudes, actions, and expectations in our selves, communities, and the greater culture.

Culture Change: Civil Liberty, Peak Oil, and the End of Empire

We continue exploring solutions with an inspiring book by Alexis Zeigler, who challenges us to take great leaps into action by thinking outside the ecological and economic box.

Culture Change traces the connections that are not at first obvious and helps us to re-examine our assumptions about how the world really works. Without this knowledge, real solutions to current problems cannot be found.

The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook

Let’s take the next step towards solution with a survival guide and cookbook specifically designed for moving towards a changing energy future and living more lightly on the land.

Authored by Albert Bates, a permaculture teacher and natural builder from The Farm Community, this book offers practical skills, hands-on action, and real-life recipes for saving water, managing waste, creating energy, growing and storing food, and re-building community.

Communities Magazine: Peak Oil and Sustainability

With this multimedia bundle, you’ll be sent a digital copy of our essential Communities magazine issue from Spring 2006: Peak Oil and Sustainability.

Glean wisdom from our leading authors as well as stories from the communities themselves that are adapting their villages, neighborhoods, and farms for a post-peak oil future. How is it working and what falls short? How do we reframe our future as opportunity and re-imagine what energy can look like?

Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

The final essential piece of the Peak Oil Multimedia Bundle includes a DVD of the powerful film, The Power of Community, that documents the story of how Cuba responded when they lost access to Soviet oil and needed to create a new low-energy society.

Hailed as a glimpse into the future of peak oil for all of us, Power of Community goes a long way to turning our anticipation of the future from fear to hope. Witness the story of the Cuban people’s hardship, ingenuity, and triumph over sudden adversity through cooperation, conservation, and community.

Dive in, be inspired, and step into action.
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