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Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice and Sustainability


Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice and Sustainability
Six-Session Coursebook from Northwest Earth Institute

How does one mold such complex principles as peace, justice and sustainability into a coherent story? The difficulty reflects the media’s broader struggle to convey how these themes are mutually linked. Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice and Sustainability connects the dots between three of society’s most pressing challenges and helps participants find pathways for powerful change in our everyday lives.

Sample Discussion Questions about Peace, Justice and Sustainability

  • In “Dancing with Systems,” Donella Meadows says, “We can’t control systems or figure them out. But we can dance with them.” Describe a way you could implement one of her “systems wisdom” practices.
  • How can you apply the recommendations of constructive communication in your daily interactions and in your role as a citizen?
  • We read in this session about how the American standard of living is dependent on moving our environmental costs elsewhere. Can you think of a specific way that the consequences of your consumption might be shifted elsewhere? Explain.
  • Name one example of structural violence you’ve observed or experienced in your own life. How is this violence explained away in our society?

FIC is honored to collaborate with the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) by offering these wonderful coursebooks in our bookstore. NWEI is a non-profit organization that inspires people to take responsibility for Earth. They do this, in part, by engaging communities, workplaces, and campuses about their role and responsibility to the planet with discussion courses and workbooks. See the other discussion books we offer at the Games & Teaching Aids page.

NWEI’s self-led discussion courses are designed to spark shared learning, shared stories, and shared action. Each course book also includes tips and guidelines to help facilitators organize a course. This course is available in both print and ebook.

Please note: Digital purchases cannot be returned. Shipping of print books may take longer than our standard turn-around time. Please expect 7-10 days. There will also be a delay of a few days until digital books links are sent to you. Thanks for your understanding!

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