Passive House Revolution (Film)


Passive House Revolution

Produced by the non-profit Community Solutions
Directed by Faith Morgan
45.5 minutes. Region-free.

Create a Low Energy Home: Join the Passive House Revolution!

Passive House Revolution catches you up to all of the most important developments in efficient building and home design over the last 20 years.

Applying an innovative combination of construction and retrofitting techniques, and making certain materials and orientation decisions, a home or building can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 80%!

Because of this enormous built in energy savings, the Passive House creates an exceptional return from both an environmental and financial perspective.

Here is a comparison in energy use between the typical, the low energy, and the passive house:

Passive House Revolution


Watch the Trailer, or Rent or Buy the Digital Film here:

Passive House Revolution from Community Bookstore on Vimeo.


Passive House Revolution: Reduce Your Energy Use by up to 80%!

In this timely film you will meet and witness the work of some of the leading builders and architects in this field. This includes Wolfgang Feist, the creator of the Passive House standard, and Katrin Klingenberg, who first brought passive house to the United States from Germany.

You will see homes across North America being retrofitted to this amazing energy efficient standard, and what satisfied owners think afterwards. Imagine living in a cold climate and not even requiring a furnace to stay toasty warm? This film shows you how!

Passive House Revolution 2

Buildings use nearly 50% of the energy in North America. Thankfully we can start to address our energy costs and CO2 emissions with technology and methods that are available today, and the information in the Passive House Revolution leads the way. The more who know about and implement these techniques, the more difference we can make!

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