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One Couch At A Time

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One Couch at A Time
The Sharing Economy at its Best

Imagine a network of hosts and guests who take it upon themselves to make the world more generous and open for adventure. Imagine people from all continents meeting together, sharing meals, sharing each others cultures and homes.

The avenue to World Peace through a global community, you might think? No, just the couchsurfing movement in all its glory.

One Couch at a Time follows the journey of “Couch Surfing Evangelist” Alexandra Liss as she travels the world through 6 continents and 21 countries over a period of 7 months.

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One Couch at a Time from Community Bookstore on Vimeo.

This film isn’t just about travel and adventure, but truly a platform for some real societal questions to be asked. What are the societal limits to sharing? How can trust be fostered between strangers, across cultures?

One Couch at A Time also explores crowd funding, ride sharing, co-working and the modern epitome of the gift economy ― Burning Man. The movie features interviews with Couch Surfing founder Casey Fenton,  the man behind Burning Man ― Larry Harvey, and expert economists Rachel Botsman and Charles Eisenstein.


2013, 87 minutes, Alexandra Liss, EntrepreneurREEL, DVD is Region-Code US
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