Lammas – How to Build an Ecovillage (Film)


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Lammas – How to Build an Ecovillage

In a fast-paced world, many of us dream of going back to the land. See what it is like for these families who decide to build natural “hobbit” houses in an attempt to live as a more sustainable community.

Witness the Lammas ecological community in brilliant display in this film. Marvel at the beauty and learn from the first hand accounts and advice about how to build an ecovillage.

The film is both light-hearted and moving, funny and serious — but most importantly it takes a good look at the reality beyond the dream. — The Lammas Community


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Lammas – How to Build an Ecovillage from Community Bookstore on Vimeo.


Origins of the first UK Ecovillage

Tony Wrench of Wales had a natural building that radically challenged and altered the government’s policy on low impact housing. This paved the way for Lammas – the UK’s first planned ecovillage.

A new policy of the Welsh government allows for low-impact and natural development, but only if certain strict guidelines are met. For instance, houses must be built from sustainable materials, and residents must earn at least 75% of their needs from the land.

This film explores these goals, and addresses the need to create more affordable housing which renews our ecological relationship with the planet.

Total running time: 82 minutes
Release date: 2013
Presented by: Living in the Future

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