Inhabit – A Permaculture Perspective


Inhabit – A Permaculture Perspective

Permaculture is a design method that offers a unique ecological lens for addressing issues related to agriculture, economics, governance, resource use, and so on.

Inhabit – A Permaculture Perspective is an inspiring feature length documentary that explores various permaculture projects, concepts, and people around the United States. What emerges are themes and messages that become accessible to a diverse audience.

For those who are brand new to permaculture, or for those who are already deeply into the art and science of it, you will feel the thrill of seeing what is possible in these amazing projects, and be called to action.



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Inhabit – A Permaculture Perspective from Community Bookstore on Vimeo.


What is a Permaculture Perspective?

More than highly productive gardening and resource use — which it is — permaculture is a way of relating to the Earth. Human activity on the land can be respectful of life and instead of extractive it can be regenerative. We are capable of thriving within our limits, benefitting other species, and building more resilient food production at the same time.

Gorgeously shot, mostly in the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the United States, Inhabit provides an intimate look at over 20 sites in a range of rural, suburban, and urban environments. Follow the journey to uncover of a breadth of responses to local and global challenges from issues of food, water, and medicine, to governance, economy, and culture.