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Strategies for Financing the Inclusive Economy


Strategies for Financing the Inclusive Economy shares broad-based ownership models to bring substantial benefits to communities and workers, particularly those of low and moderate income.

Worker-owned companies, social enterprises, and related models with broad-based ownership are increasing and taking leverage as models for reversing rising economic inequality. How can these models grow to create more and better jobs and broader ownership opportunities?

Every enterprise needs financing to grow. Where can the financing for broad-based ownership models be obtained?

democracycollaborative democracycollaborative2Authored by The Democracy Collaborative, the Democracy at Work Institute, and Project Equity, this Strategies for Financing the Inclusive Economy guidebook lays out key tools and building blocks for equitable local economic growth through which all residents are able to maximize opportunities, thereby expanding urban economies where all can meaningfully participate and benefit.

Strategies for Financing the Inclusive Economy seeks to demystify the financing of broad-based enterprise, and increase understanding and comfort levels regarding financing these enterprises among financial service providers, impact investors, foundations, local government, community development leaders, and others. Use this tool to share with local investors and as talking points for your own enterprise.

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